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Development Division


This Division Co-ordinates  activities to enable for the Ministry to implement wildlife development activities effectively and efficiently.



  • Taking policy decisions required for implementing activities of the Dept. of Wildlife Conservation.
  • To take necessary action on petitions/complains made by the public relating to the activities of Department of Wildlife conservation.
  • Activities relating to lands owned by the Department.
  • Co-ordination and supervision of development activities undertaken within National Parks such as erection of electric fences and establishment of elephant holding grounds.
  • Drafting of Cabinet Memoranda to be submitted by this Ministry on Wildlife activities and submission of observations in respect of Cabinet Memoranda to be submitted by other Ministries within the scope of work of the Ministry.
  • Taking policy decisions on insurance schemes introduced for the benefit of people facing the threat from wild elephants and assisting for their implementation.
  • Work in collaboration with relevant institutions relating Water Resource Management activities.
  • Undertake all maintainance activities of the Ministry and preparation of estimates, submission of recommendations, supervision of constructions, and recommending payments.
  • Maintenance activities on Computers,  Fax Machines, Photo copy Machines and Office equipment etc.
  • Updating of Website of the Ministry and implementing of Local Area Network.

News and Events

Deyata Kirula National Exhibition

Deyata Kirula National Exhibition and development programme in line with that Exhibition are...

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