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Legal Division

The Legal Division is responsible for supervision of legal matters required to be attended to by the Ministry and institutions coming under its purview including the Department of Wildlife Conservation
Those functions are guided by the Fauna & Flora Protection Ordinance No.07 of 1937 (chapter 469) as amended by Fauna and Flora Protection (Amendment) Ordinance No.22 of 2009.
In addition Legal Division provides advisory services in drafting regulations and orders under the said Act and making amendments  thereto before submitting same to the Legal Draftsman.
Implementation of the National Wildlife policy and the Law effectively comes within the mandate of the Act and making essential Orders are done under the Provisions of the said Act with the assistance of the Department of Wildlife Conservation.
In addition this Division instructs the Senior Management as to what action should be taken regarding public petitions/complains made to the Ministry over irregularities and inefficiencies of the Department of Wildlife Conservation with regard to legal matters.
This Division is bound to assist and freely instruct the relevant officers in handling actions filed based on round ups made by the Department of Wildlife Conservation and cases filed at courts against officers of the Department as well as cases filed by the Human Right Commission
Supervision of all other cases filed against or on behalf of the Ministry and co-ordination of all the other cases relating to agreements and judicial matters of the Department.  The legal Division is also responsible for attending advisory discussions held with the Attorney General’s Department while submitting necessary observations. .


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