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Message from the Hon. Minister

minister It is with great pleasure that I send this Message on behalf of the Ministry of Wildlife Resources on the occasion of opening a Website on 15/07/2013 for the Ministry.
The main challenge before the Ministry is to conserve wildlife heritage in the wildlife reservation network for future generation based on the` Mahinda Chintana Forward Vision` whereby minimizing  damages from wild-animals to life and property including their cultivation lands.  The Department of Wildlife Conservation has launched several programmes to overcome this challenge.  Establishment of elephant holding grounds and construction of electric fences under “Gajamitura” programme are very important among them whereby it has been possible to minimize human- elephant conflict to a great extent.  Furthermore modernization and improvement of National Parks has led to increased tourist arrivals recording higher foreign exchange earnings.
As the Minister in charge of the subject, I would take every effort to ensure the safety and sustainable existence of the islands wildlife heritage while enhancing socio-economic conditions of the people living in areas adjacent to reservation areas.  My Ministry has mobilized all resources available within its reach to achieve the anticipated objectives while ensuring efficient & people- friendly public service within the scope of work of my Ministry.
Any individual who is interested in obtaining the latest information on wildlife heritage through this new website of the Ministry of Wildlife Resources Conservation, he/she could log on the website which would be updated frequently so as  to provide the people with the with necessary information expeditiously.
People are informed to respond by submitting their views and ideas on policies, procedures and undertakings by the Dept. of Wildlife Conservation being operated under the Ministry of Wildlife Resources Conservation, and I am of the view that this Website would be a valuable tool and a helping hand to  policy makers, researchers and even to the general public as well.


Gamini Vijith Wijayamuni Zoisa
Minister of Wildlife Resources Conservation


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