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Message from the Secretary

secretary image

I am very happy to issue this message to mark the launching of the Ministry Website in my capacity as the Secretary to the Ministry of Wildlife Resources Conservation.
The objective of launching this Website is to provide the people with easy access to information on wildlife heritage through Ministry Web while engaging in development and conservation process by enhancing  the applicability and capability of the institutions operating under this Ministry.
His Excellency the President has established this new Ministry on 28th February 2013 to guide the two state institutions i.e. the Department of Wildlife Conservation and Wildlife Trust, and the former is committed to preserve the massive ecological systems in the island while ensuring wild animals’ rights to live in their habitats freely.  The Wildlife Trust has been established mainly to educate the society on the importance of conservating wildlife heritage and ecological systems.
The Ministry of Wildlife Resources Conservation has planned its future programmes to achieve expected mission for paving the way for human being and all animal species to live in harmony through the establishment of an effective Wildlife Reservation Network under the Vision “A country preserving bio-diversity and wildlife heritage.”
This Ministry has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance through the Department of Wildlife Conservation. The Wildlife Trust which was established as a Merit Trust in 1991 under Intellectual Property Act No.52 of 1979 is responsible for implementing the relevant task entrusted to it.  Accordingly the objectives of this Ministry is to conserve wildlife resources, maintain Wildlife Reservation Network so as to derive environmental social and economic benefits to the country while committing to public services falling within the scope of works of the Ministry in people-friendly manner.
In an era where even the rural people, especially child population in those areas have easy access to the Internet, one fifth (1/5) of the total population who use internet facilities seek information on institutions through Websites.  Accordingly launching a new Website today we are providing you with those information.
I take this opportunity to extend my heart-felt gratitude to everyone in my staff who contributed their utmost in establishing updating, modernizing and managing this Website of the Ministry of Wildlife Resources Conservation.  I am also thankful to all staff of the Ministry and institutions coming under its purview who are supporting in various ways towards fulfilling this noble endeavour.


Eng. Udeni Wickremasinghe
The Secretary
Ministry of Wildlife Resources Conservation


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